Ape Bagger Hanger Touring Super Clamp Custom Harley Handlebar Riser Apes Nation

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Bagger Nation handlebars installed on 2007 and earlier touring models MUST be updated with a one piece riser clamp. All pre 2008 HD touring models have a two piece top clamp system that we feel can create a safety problem when handlebars are used with internal wiring. Since we were designing a new clamp anyway, we decided to solve all the issues we have heard about with other bars and clamps at the same time! So our new Super Clamp has bar locking set screws built into the top of it that will prevent handlebars with poor knurling from slipping. It also has large wire reliefs for internal wires and it been designed with extra internal clearance for those adding more switches. Lastly each clamp is now CNC machined from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum so they are bullet proof and you can torque them! The solid riser clamp MUST be used every time a handlebar change is made to 2007 and earlier Harley Davidson touring models. Our new Super Clamp is truly the highest quality, problem solving, best clamp available!

If you have questions about the use and application of this product, please contact us before you purchase.