Textron Wildcat XX 1000 50MM Wheel Bearing Greaser 2402-412 Over the Axle OTA

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The all new Textron XX is a massive machine! We are impressed with the unreal bearing size and hub components, but know that like all other bearings, they need to be greased. 

We have designed a new Over the Axle bearing grease tool for the huge 50mm bearing. Like our other over the axle designs, remove the wheel hub and slide the greaser into the bearing without removing the axle. 

  • Fits OEM & Aftermarket bearing
  • UTV and ATV bearings constantly fail due to water, dirt, sand, and lack of grease
  • These tools will replenish the grease your bearings need, as well as push out contaminants
  • Simply insert tool into your bearing and pump grease through Zerk fitting with your grease gun
  • Double O-Ring seal to keep the grease inside of your bearings
  • O-ring seals also spread the inner bearing races apart to allow a gap for the grease to easily flow inside
  • Machined from 6061 Aluminum
  • Fits all wheel bearings with a 50MM inside dimension
  • Over the Axle design. Simply remove your wheel, Caliper, and hub. Then insert tool, pump grease through the grease fitting. Rotate tool 1/4 turn every 5 pumps of grease for even distribution. 
  • Made in the USA

If you have questions about the use and application of this product, please contact us before you purchase.

Fits the following application
2018 WILDCAT XX LTD EPS  - Front & Rear Bearing Assembly
2018 WILDCAT XX RG XT EPS - Front & Rear Bearing Assembly
2019 WILDCAT XX LTD EPS - Front & Rear Bearing Assembly
2019 WILDCAT XX XT EPS - Front & Rear Bearing Assembly